Monday, January 5

15 New Names for The Palace

The Detroit Free Press reported that the owners of The Palace are looking to rename the building, and possibly add a corporate sponsor. Unsurprisingly, people started freaking out and decrying all forms of stadium naming rights (despite the fact that Ford Field and Comerica Park are cemented in our brains as perfectly acceptable names for a building to watch sports). Austin Philip Suedmeyer on Facebook noted, "That's gay! Mr Davidson would have never done that!" What a well thought-out, reasoned and supported opinion! Thank you Austin Philip.

Here's a few of my own suggestions:

  1. Kid Rock Occasionally Attends Games Here Arena
  2. The Dump Next Door is No Longer In Operation Arena
  3. Stan Van Gundy
  4. We Should Really Be Downtown Arena
  5. The Palace of Auburn Hills Presented by Cadillac, Oh Wait, Nevermind They Moved to New York
  6. #ThePalace
  7. The Viper Den
  8. Joe Dumars' Free Agency Moves Memorial Arena, A Stark Lesson on Player Evaluation
  9. Ball Don't Lie Arena
  10. The Dancing Usher Center
  11. The Palace of Andre Drummond's Potential 
  12. Platinum Equity Building, presented by Don't Fall Asleep Reading That
  13. You'll Probably Catch a Free T-Shirt Here Arena
  14. The Amway Pyramid Scheme Arena
  15. The Palace of Auburn Hills presented by Joumana Kayrouz
Have any additional suggestions? Drop 'em in the comments below.