Saturday, May 10

Dwyane Wade imitates an old painting

It's been a hot minute since I last blogged, so why not get back in the game with a breakdown of some overalls?

(h/t @jonesontheNBA)

Anyway, Dwyane Wade showed up to the Heat-Nets game in this number, and it seemed eerily familiar. After no less than 37 seconds of hard Internet research I got it. American Gothic.

D-Wade is totally paying tribute to Grant Wood's classic "American Gothic" painting, now hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago. I see you, Dwayne. I see you. He took one of the most American paintings we have, and put his own spin on it. Today's modern man has no time for overall straps, but he can certainly find space in his busy lifestyle for a nice brooch. And if Grant Wood had painted a full body portrait, it would have 100% revealed the man to be wearing animal print Keds. Comfortable and functional footwear; perfect for battling dustbowls and boll weevils. Gotta love athletes who have respect for America, our history and art. Bravo, Mr. Wade.

By Aaron Brandt, art and fashion critic.