Sunday, July 21

My Jimmy Buffett Concert Review

I haven't hit up the ol Blogger in a while, so I think it's time I return with a hard hitting, no reservations review of a Jimmy Buffett concert.

Yes, my 23 year old self attended a James Buffet concert this past weekend. Chalk this one up as something I can say I saw when I am old. Maybe. I have never intentionally listened to a J-Buff song, so this was a learning experience for me.

There's Jimmy!
The city of Detroit was swarming with tropical themed objects such as Hawaiian shirts, beach balls, parrots, inflatable palm trees and Marlboros. I was by far the youngest, and most overdressed person in the entire stadium. Our seats were super close to Jimmy,  and all my concerns about sight lines and acoustics were gone in a warm tropical breeze. 

Buffett took the stage wearing a t-shirt and the most laid back pair of yellow shorts I have ever seen. He wasn't even wearing shoes. He made a few veiled attempts to reassure us about the city's financial crisis, and performed a litany of his hits. A giant HD screen behind him constantly displayed pleasing video loops from nice beaches and tropical islands. It is safe to say that Jimmy Buffett enjoys the tropical biome.

JimBuff brought a large band, including a guy that kept singing country songs, a couple of back up singers, a cello player, steel drums, sax and of course your standard drums, keys and guitar players. Buffett rotated between his acoustic and electric guitars, although it seemed like no sound was coming from his ax. His voice was strong and I liked when he would trade vocals with members of his "Coral Reefers" band.

I stood where Torii Hunter does his job.
Since I am new to this whole Buffett thing, all the songs blended together into one beach-themed, mega soft rock evening. It wasn't abrasive, too loud or too boring. It was what it was; Jimmy has perfected his set over the years and knows exactly how to connect with his die hard fans.

He exited the stage in one of the most planned encore performances I have ever seen. Seriously, the crowd clapped for like twenty seconds before he came back out and played Margaritaville, then a new song and finally left the stage for good. 

Overall, it was a solid show. Not my cup of musical tea at all, but I didn't have an urge to fill my ears with wax or listen to my iPod. Buffett knows what he's good at, knows his fans and knows how to put on a solid performance. And judging the reactions of the Parrot Heads around me, everyone was having the time of their lives. 

So see you next time when I review the upcoming Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert, otherwise knows as the "We're Rich, Self-Important and our Most Recent Albums Took No Chances" Tour. 

By Aaron Brandt, who hopes the Comerica Park outfield grass is not completely dead.