Friday, March 22

Michigan-shaped chicken wing

When I say that Happy's Pizza never disappoints, I really mean Happy's Pizza never disappoints. Today I came home from work, realized I had no clean dishes, and did what any person in my situation would do; I got carry out. Of course my first option was Happy's Pizza in Eastpointe.

I ordered the wing dinner and in 15 minutes, I was driving home with a paper bag full of hot chicken wings (boneless of course), fries, bread and slaw. Upon opening the box, I made a tremendous discovery. Not only were my fries golden, my chicken crispy and my bread buttery; I found a wing shaped like the 26th state of the union. A Michigan-chicken miracle.

It was all there. The thumb. Grand Traverse Bay. The Upper Peninsula. Possibly Comerica Park.  And this was no accidental fusion of two random pieces. This was one solid wing that was formed by the oil of destiny into the Great Lakes State.

The motto of Michigan goes: "Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice" which roughly translates to "If you seek a pleasant boneless chicken wing, go to Happy's Pizza." How true that is.

Shout out to the Happy's on Gratiot in Eastpointe. They always hook me up with the best food, great service and fast delivery. And shout out to the chicken-Michigan. I don't know what to do with you, but I have too much respect to eat you. Long live chicken-Michigan! Long live Happy's Pizza!

By Aaron Brandt, winner winner, Michigan-shaped chicken dinner.