Tuesday, March 12

Drake Harris decommits from MSU

Former MSU basketball and football commit Drake Harris announced that he was officially decommitted from Michigan State yesterday. Of course, the MLive article covering the topic was ripe with classic comments. Here are some of my favorite reactions from the bowels of the Internet known as the MLive comments section, followed by my snide remarks.

Fear the Spartans' former recruits.

"Bet he ends up transferring anyways, regardless of where he actually plays his freshman year. GVSU by 2016?"
G-V-S-U, is he a Laker? Maybe? 

"If I commit to something I do not offer a decommitment later on down the road. It says a lot about someone's character when they can't stand by an original decision. Good riddance."
Harris just finished his sophomore year when he committed to MSU basketball. His body changed, he realized he was a much better wide receiver and he didn't want to play basketball anymore. He'd be crazy not to consider an elite football program.

"Two words: Sevon Pittman - Spartans don't miss him and won't miss Mr. Harris."
I can see this comment pinned on Harris' Ohio State or Florida locker in the near future...

"Western Michigan University would probable be the best fit!"
Probable not.

"If he's going to play football, why wouldn't Wide Receiver U. be the right place for him? Hasn't MSU sent more great receivers to the pros than anywhere else?"
Right. That historic trio of Andre Rison, Charles Rogers and Plaxico Burres has earned Michigan State University the moniker of "Wide Reciever U." And don't forget Kirk Gibson!

"Who is Drake Harris? Lot of fish in the recruiting pond who are more grounded..."
Just your run-of-the mill 4-star recruit. Those are like a dime a dozen at Wide Receiver U! Right? Right? 

"Kid will learn about Karma. He has gotten greedy and his ego is out of control. It will come back and he hopefully will learn some good life lessons before it hurts too much."
Ahh karma. That tangible attribute that you must recognize when reconsidering choices you made as a fifteen-year-old. I could have gone to Harvard, but that would have just been greedy.

"Once all the hype about what school he picks dies down, can we discuss the fact that this boy has his ears pierced like a girl?"
Sick burn. Attack his physical appearance. Plaxico can't year you tho.

Learn to spell the coach's name correctly and your thoughts will actually gain some credibility. MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio (no apostrophe).
The spelling police have deemed the previous comment to be not credible due to a spelling error. Arrest that man! His credibility is null! 

Yeah real hurt LOL..one position MSU has lots of, just need more experience. Drake wants a NC so he will be leaving the state...
Wide Receiver U all day, every day! GO GREEN GO WHITE!

Spartan fans, don't act like you don't want a top recruit. 
Too late. They don't want him, he's terrible and his piercings are stupid. Case closed, Dantonio is 4-2 against Michigan and Rick's is better than Rick's. Wait, what?

By Aaron Brandt, former .02 star cross-country recruit. I see you, Concordia. I see you. But I never actually saw you.