Monday, March 11

DeAndre Jordan's dunk on Brandon Knight

As hard as it may be sometimes, I try and watch most Pistons games. Tonight's contest with the LA Clippers was a typical ugly game from Lawrence Frank's squad. And then DeAndre Jordan happened. Oh my.


Here's a breakdown.

3 Pistons, including center Greg Monroe, are clustered at the top of the floor. DeAndre Jordan streaks to the basket.

Brandon Knight thought it would be a good idea to try and stop Jordan. Bad idea.

So bad.

Knight is writhing on the ground; Jordan doesn't know what to do with himself and wanders into the crowd.

Chris Paul is super confused as to what just transpired.

Children are shielding their eyes and crying.

DeAndre Jordan shows the only sensible emotion at this juncture.

Even Blake Griffin is beside himself and has resorted to screaming.

Caron Butler wants to look away from the car crash, but... just... can't...

Poor Brandon Knight. I admire the hustle and attempt to defend the bucket, but come on man, protect your self. This makes the Clowney hit look like any foul called on Zeller. Poor Knight. The popularity of .gifs has done him no favors this year. 


Just another night for the Pistons. 

By Aaron Brandt, Pistons fan in 2013 enjoying the typical 2013 Pistons.