Tuesday, February 12

The Warby Parker Hayworth Collection

In a world of swag, bling and yet another Die Hard movie, it is important to remember something that seems to have fallen from our cultural lexicon: class. What is class? Class cannot be quantified. Class cannot be measured. Class cannot be forced into a contrived formula and sold at fast food restaurants. Class is a lifestyle.

However,  due to your own budgetary restraints, class may seem unattainable. Not everyone has the cash-flow of Justin Timberlake or Jay-Z, yet we'd rather not purchase a "swap meet hat" like The Dream. Thankfully, a company such as Warby Parker exists.

The Neville (Sugar Maple)
You don't need a minority share in the Brooklyn Nets to don a pair of Warby Parker's high class, high quality frames. At Warby Parker, affordability does not compromise style or quality. Whether you need to shade your eyes from the unforgiving sun, or simply correct your vision, the Hayworth Collection from Warby Parker is here to provide you with luxurious style at an affordable price.

The collection consists of six brand new frames; three optical and three sunglasses. The retrospective design can be traced to Los Angeles in the 1940s and 1950s; a time of post-war sophistication and intrigue that is unparalleled in our rich American history. But these frames are no fragile relics of a bygone era.
The Neville (Sugar Maple)

Built with the strength of premium Japanese titanium and rendered in a signature custom acetate, these frames are built to last. The noir and Art Deco stylings offer something entirely unique, yet historically familiar. Personally, I am drawn to the Neville. The bold frame is accentuated with small but distinct titanium flourishes and a color scheme which is easy on they eyes in more ways than one. Furthermore, the Sugar Maple's subdued, yet bold tones make it the winner in my book. Whether you are spending a day at the beach or reading the latest from the morning paper, the Neville is a surefire way to stand out in a world deprived of sophistication.

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself at the Warby Parker website. Thanks for reading!