Monday, November 5

Lutheran North runner wins state meet

Over the weekend, Lutheran North Mustang Gina Patterson took first place at the State Meet in Brooklyn, Michigan. She ran a 17:43, and hasn't lost a race all season. Check out her post-race interview below.

It is so refreshing in a world of self-promotion, bragging and general lack of humility to see someone so humble. Gina is without question the best athlete in her sport. In cross country, there is nothing to blame but yourself for poor performances. No coaching decisions, referees, teammates, Spartan Bobs, bad bounces, flukes or faulty gymnasium lighting are there to make an excuse for you. It is just you, your training and the trail. That's it. No excuses.

And to perform at this level, with this amount of pressure is spectacular. Not to compare myself to a state champion (I will), but my sophomore year, I finished fifth from last in the entire state meet. Fifth from last. Worst performance of my entire running career. So I give huge props to Gina for her incredible season, clutch performance at the state meet and unbridled humility in the face of an accomplishment that is 100% worth bragging about from the mountaintops (or Twitter).

Also, congrats to both boys and girls teams on qualifying for the state meet and to the coaches who helped get them there. I loved cross-country, and I am glad to see such a positive story come from my former high school.

By Aaron Brandt, expected finisher of the 2012 Turkey Trot. But not promising anything.

P.S. What a dumb question by that reporter at the end of the video. Really, you want to compare a kid on a football team that didn't even make the playoffs to a state champion? That's a clown question, bro. I would have Terrell Owens'd that pointless comparison in a second. Playoffs? Playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?