Thursday, November 8

Enough with the parody accounts

One serious issue that the presidential candidates did not discuss continues to plague my existence.  I am talking about parody accounts on Twitter. Worst part of the Internet.

In no way associated with Will Ferrell! (Besides his name and picture.)
For one, I do not understand why anyone would follow a parody account. Maybe people don't realize that Will Ferrell's actual, verified Twitter doesn't exist. Or they didn't read close enough to see clever misspellings in the account name. Or they just follow a stupid account. People, Alan from the Hangover does not have a Twitter. Zach Galifinakisisisk does not operate that account. Stop re-tweeting it!

Which brings me to my next issue. Who are these sad people creating such accounts? Are you that desperate for online interaction, that you have to trick people into thinking you are a real celebrity, with something interesting to say? Why not say funny stuff with your name behind it? Of course some of the racist, sexist and arachnophobic things they tweet are not acceptable in society, so a fake name is necessary.

Enough with the fake accounts, parody accounts and various anonymous Twitters. I'm looking at you, LHNProbs. Don't be a coward, say that stuff without hiding behind a fake name. And stop piggybacking off of real people's fame, piggybackers.

UPDATE: An impostor has appeared!

By Aaron Brandt, an officially unofficial parody account of a parody of Aaron Brandt's alleged left shoe (allegedly).