Monday, October 29

Ryan Lochte's thoughts on Hurricane Sandy

Probably one of the most out of touch, misinformed tweets I have seen in a while. Nothing says national crisis like promoting your guest appearance on a show that no one watches. Dude, Lochte, you talked a ton of smack to Michael Phelps at the Olympics, couldn't back it up and now you are Tweeting about 90210 and a hurricane at the same time? Jeah?

I bet Phelps is swimming around Long Island right now, training for 2016, while Lochte tweets about his guest appearance. Phelps puts in the work, laughs at the haters and doesn't go on drowning (pun) shows on the CW. Phelps is probably towing tugboats to safety and rescuing dogs from the East River. Step it up, Lochte.

And Lochte's probably in Florida, so the geography makes a little sense, but I think this is the first time I have heard that this hurricane is "up north." But I'm no geographer. Jeah.

By Aaron Brandt, who is no geographer, jeah.