Tuesday, October 16

Michael Jordan Barbecue Sauce sells for $10,000

Just your average gallon of $10,000 BBQ sauce from McDonald's.

Yes, on Ebay, one gallon of McJordan Sauce has sold for 10 grand. Back in the 90s, McDonald's had a special MJ burger with a super secret MJ sauce. It obviously didn't last, which would make an intact gallon of the stuff very rare. But $10,000 rare? Let's see what else I can get for that kind of money, including a few MJ-endorsed products.

  • At Meijer, a 40 oz. bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's sells for $3.84. That's about $12.29 a gallon. So for the price of one MJ gallon, I could get about 814 gallons of Sweet Baby Ray's. 
  • I could also fill my gas tank about 200 times, giving me about four year's worth of gas, pending major price increases. 
  • I could get about 67 pairs of the Air Jordan 2012 Lite, which retail for $150.
  • I could buy 2,865 gallons of milk.
  • I could purchase 2,380 gallons of Gatorade.
  • I could snag 24,390 Rayovac AA Batteries from Walmart
  • I could own 18,519 pairs of Haynes Briefs (white) from Meijer
  • And I could also buy half of Al Jefferson's bed.
I get it. This is a collectible item and very rare. But this doesn't look good in a case, on the mantle or even in the man cave. And what happens if you accidentally spill this? Then again, knowing McDonald's  there are probably enough preservatives in that MJ Sauce to last until at least 2328. Sawuce.

By Aaron Brandt, KC Masterpiece fan. Free samples are appreciated.