Monday, October 29


Today is the official re-launch of Founded and designed by Lutheran North grad Chuck Irvin, is a Michigan-centered news/opinion site. I will be the editor and also a regular writer. Former LHN-er Brandon Brodowski and Michigan student Emily Fortin will also be regular contributors.

You can expect topics from news, politics, sports, entertainment, reviews and op-eds. I will keep writing about shoes, occasionally Lutheran high schools and salad reviews on this blog, but most Michigan-related topics will be posted at

Please take a second to check out the site; you might just find a nugget of knowledge or an epoch of entertainment.

Today, you can find some urban legends at the University of Michigan, some updates on the Crisler Center renovations, World Series coverage and the scoop on Proposal 6, which deals with the Detroit bridge to Canada.

 If you are interested in writing for, please send me an email at It doesn't pay great, but hey, that's what Mark Zuckerberg told his friends at one point. Yes, I just compared to Facebook. Deal with it.

Thanks for reading!

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