Friday, October 12

Al Jefferson's Bed

After watching that Tigers game, I saw this and realized it is too good to pass up.

Al Jefferson, a basketball player for the Utah Jazz just bought a 10 by 12 bed for $23,000. You heard right.

Via @mowilliams
This raises a few points. One, I just watched an ESPN 30 for 30 titled "Broke" which was about, you guessed it, broke athletes. It detailed the excessive spending by professional athletes that eventually let them to financial ruin. This here bed seems to fall sharply into that category. If someone is willing to shell out 23 grand on a bed, what else are they willing to purchase? A $40,000 refrigerator? A white Tiger? A video game company?

Second, anyone who pays this much for a bed is a moron. Everyone knows you can haggle with these bed salespeople until they are throwing in pillows, head massages and aloe plants like it's their job (it actually is their job). That's just bed buying 101. Entry level stuff. I bet Al just strolled in to Art Van and said "I'll take the biggest bed you have, here's my card." I would have at least gotten $8,000 knocked off that price. And my Grandma would have gotten $13,000 off that price. Plus delivery. No sales tax. Nailed it.
Art Van's most expensive bed.

And lets do some math. The average king size bed is about seven feet by nine feet. So Al's bed was about double that. The most expensive bed on Art Van's website is a King canopy bed for $1,599.99. Those numbers just don't add up. Was doubling the size really worth paying 13 times more? For Al it was. For me, it was not.

I cannot believe I just spend 10 minutes analyzing a millionaire's bed purchasing logic but hey, this is the world we live in. And blogging about beds at 1:00 AM sure makes a person tired. Zzzzzzzzz.

By Aaron Brandt, who was invited to Art Van's exclusive customer service event featuring a door prize. Expert level bed blogger right here.