Monday, August 6

Uniforms, shoes, movies and happiness.

I haven't blogged very much lately, you can blame my preparations for The Bourne Legacy movie coming out soon. My bad. So in order to get back into top blogging shape, here's some cool stuff that I find mildly interesting.

Zero Dark Thirty is a movie from the guy who directed The Hurt Locker about the hunt for Bin Laden. Probably 96% fiction, but who cares? America.

Maryland's new uniforms by Under Armour. A little toned down from last year's monstrosities. Good look. Go turtles!

The new Jordan commercial, where two kids in America and China are inspired by the 2012 Olympics and then become rivals in a future where the Bobcats win an NBA title...Good one, MJ. Just about as funny as your fashion sense.

Nike Lunar Bandon all-weather golf shoes. These are the most persuasive argument I have seen for myself to take up golf. But I feel like golf is too stodgy to allow something like these shoes. Maybe I'll just play Tiger Woods 13 and pretend I am a golf expert because I can read a digitized green. That's how video games work, right?

Adidas' new uniform for Wisconsin. Looks exactly like the new one they made for Nebraska...for the same game. If you want to beat Nike, at least get more creative than this...Even Penn State uniform junkies find this design boring. Maybe they are looking to lull their opponents to sleep. Then again, Wisconsin has a literal cakewalk to the Big Ten championship, so the rational is anyone's guess.

So there you have it. Some stuff that I found cool. I'll write some more here, maybe about the Olympics. Like what's the deal with equestrian? Why is that American gymnast so grumpy? Should Twitter be tape delayed? Stay tuned.

By Aaron Brandt, outspoken televised equestrian critic.