Wednesday, March 7

Chicago Cubs win the World Series*

I started writing about Invisible Children, but I lost focus and gave up on that shady organization. Google it if you care (you should).

On a lighter note, I saw this MLB 12 ad by Deutsch/LA, and I can't stop watching it.

The ad has a very cool atmosphere that reminded me of the Dark Night, only the bad guy in this commercial was probably Justin Verlander. There is a terrific emotional appeal that goes beyond the traditional "look at what you can do with the right trigger this year!" selling point.

I can't imagine what Chicago would be like if they did actually win the October Classic. Too bad it's never going to happen. Ever. The closest Cubs fans will ever get is this commercial, filmed with permission from the Cubs on a cold February night.

By Aaron Brandt, Detroit Tigers fan since the Briggs Stadium era.