Friday, February 17

Bon Iver at AIR Studios

Good musicians still exist, despite Nicki Minaj. Check out Bon Iver in the studio, showing why they deserved a Grammy. 

1. Hinnom, TX
2. Wash.
3. I Can't Make You Love Me
4. Babys
5. Beth/Rest

Thursday, February 16

New Detroit Tigers' scoreboard. Hit or miss?

The Tigers revealed plans for the Comerica Park scoreboard redesign. Check it out below. Details from the Detroit News here.

I think it looks pretty good. The addition of the large HD video board in the middle sure beats that black and white one that used to be on the left. I guess 1994 called and wanted it back. However, I do miss the old clock. Maybe people today can't tell time on a non-digital. Or maybe Price Fielder demanded it in contract negotiations. Who knows. I also notice the fact that the left field grand stand no longer blocks part of the board. Classic engineering mix-up.Good for the Tigers to not only improve the team on the field, but also the ballpark. If only they could improve Victor's health. 

By Aaron Brandt, amateur scoreboard critic. 

Wednesday, February 15

Why the Red Wings' streak is actually impressive

Joey Mac 
So the Detroit Red Wings have the longest home win streak in NHL history, but some people are quick to rain on the parade. They cite the fact that the 1929-30 Bruins and the 75-76 Flyers had their streaks without shoot-out wins. Had the Red Wings been playing those eras, the shootouts would have been ties.

Boo hoo. Let's see the Flyers or Bruins endure the brutal schedule the Wings are subject to as members of the Western Conference. The Wings have to go on road trips just to play teams in their own conference. How could this not take a toll on the team once they return home from the tundras of Canada, or the deserts of Arizona?

And the Flyers and Bruins teams wouldn't have even existed in today's post-lockout salary cap era. The salary cap has created incredible parody within the league, which is something that was non-existent back before the lockout. The Wings have managed to put together a deadly team, all the while paying about the same amount of money to its players as the rest of the league. This is something that the Bruins and Flyers did not do in the years of their own streaks.

And let's not forget that the Bruins only played five other teams in 1929-30. Seriously? Five teams? Who needs to watch film on anyone, when you see the same teams once a week? The current Red Wings have to deal with  a full league of teams and players, all with different styles. And the players themselves are way better too, as each team has more depth than ever.

Of course this doesn't mean much in the long run. The Wings will make the playoffs, which is where the real work begins. But it is nice to be a part of something historic ever once in a while. Welcome to the bandwagon. #LGRW

By Aaron Brandt, Social Media Manager of the 1930 Boston Bruins. 

Tuesday, February 14

A Eulogy for the Big Toy

A tragedy recently occurred. A part of my childhood was condemned to some desolate junkyard, and replaced with...well, that thing on the left.

This past summer, St. Peter Macomb took down the fabled Big Toy, to replace it with a play structure that can only be described as the product of a generation of over-protective parents and million dollar lawsuits. 

If you were a Minuteman or Patriot, you know exactly how much of a devastating loss this is. (Actually, if you were never a Minuteman, you have no idea.)

You grew up on that solid wooden structure. You felt the timber that had been worn smooth by years of kids. You got caught in that abrasive blue net. You ducked through the blue circle door to command pirate ships with the metal wheel. You threw pebbles down the slide, which was polished to a mirror after thousands of butts slid to the ground. You ran across those three beams with the railing on one side, daring gravity to pull you towards a pebbled demise. You spun one too many times on the tire swing, only to wind up barfing in Mrs. Grawberg's office on the little cot. You hid in the belly of the Big Toy like you were hunted by the SS. You climbed up the back of the rope net like you were a ninja turtle. You picked away at the yellow foam that filled all the gaps when the hornets started stinging kids. You lived for recess with the Big Toy.

The Big Toy was an X-Wing, a fort, an amusement park, a skyscraper, a field goal post, a play house, a provider of shade, the Titanic (for a brief period in 1997), an obstacle course (Field Day!) and most of all, a friend. While it might not have the flashy paint job or multiple slides of the new version, the Big Toy had heart. It never let you down.

It was so much more than the current childproof lawsuit-preventer that sits on the hallowed ground that so many of us spent hours utilizing. We created entire worlds from nothing more than some wooden posts, rope and a few metal bolts. Today's kids can't even play Legos without turning on the computer or XBox. As Big Toy veterans, we used our imaginations.. With the Big Toy, the possibilities were endless.

So here's to you, Big Toy. Thanks for your service. May you find rest wherever you are.

Feel free to leave a memory of the Big Toy, or just St. Peter in general. #therapeutic 

By Aaron Brandt, 1999's "King of the Swings"

Sunday, February 5

Swimmers Itch Super Bowl Predictions

Bud Light will come up with a safe, generic, sort-of-funny ad that everyone will almost like for two days before it goes into extreme repeat mode. (Hello, 3D TV commercial that is still on).

Chris Collinsworth will talk about "nerves" a lot.

There will be too many animal commercials.

Some car company will think it's a good idea to just show cool videos of their car. Millions will yawn.

Tebow will get dragged under someone's bus. will put out another completely stupid commercial that sells nothing but Danica Patrick's lack of a win in an Indy car. #neverwonarace

Bob Costas will talk about how great it is to be Bob Costas. With special comments by Bob Costas.

The Komen Foundation will sponsor the kickoff. Then they won't. Then they will decide to sponsor the kickoff again, even after people have donated money based on the results of said kickoff. Then everyone will be mad.

People will talk during the commercials and I will have to watch them tomorrow.

Facebook will legitimatly be the most annoying place on the Internet, even worse than Reddit. Michigan-Michigan State game, then the Super Bowl? Log me out.

98% of Reddit uses will say, "What is sports?" Then create overly cynical memes and drink diet pop.

I will eat two DiGiorno pizzas, a bag of sour gummi worms, a box of Chips Ahoy, chips, nachos and nacho dip stuff and drink two liters of blue Faygo.

I might get my stomach pumped.

Jim Carey or Adam Sandler will have some awful movie coming out soon.

Millions of people will utter, "what?" after Madonna performs.

Oh yeah, and the Patriots will win. Because the starting center went to GVSU at the same time I did. How many Spartans are starting?

By Aaron Brandt, Advertising and Public Relations major looking for employment. That's a hint.