Monday, January 30

New Honda Ferris Bueller Commercial

After a teaser that had everyone thinking Ferris Bueller 2 was coming out soon, Honda released the full version of an ad featuring Matthew Broderick essentially reprising his role as Ferris Bueller, only with the help of a Honda CR-V. Check it out below.

Honda did a great job creating some buzz with the teaser, making everyone think there was a new movie coming out. The actual short stayed true to the movie and reenacted key scenes, all the while showing off the features of the CR-V in a very non-intrusive, natural way. It wasn't like Honda went out of the way to show off specific aspects; each feature played a role in the overall plot of the short. This is a great commercial that plays to our nostalgic side, and sells a specific product very well.


By Aaron Brandt, who is looking for a  job in Public Relations or Advertising upon graduation in the spring.