Friday, September 23

Writer's Block: The Musical

I open a new blog post. Blank page. No ideas. No motivation. Glancing at the white text box I see my enemy, that little blinking bar in the top left corner. It just sits there, flashing it's skinny frame at a regular interval, taunting me, "Hey, Brandt, when was the last time you blogged? August? You're no blogger. You are a hack. Go back to using Twitter with the rest of the bad writers." I can momentary silence his vitriol by typing a few meaningless words, but he comes right back, knowing that those characters have no purpose or direction.

Technically this pixelated demon is called an insertion point, but who really cares. He is nothing more than a reminder that I have not blogged about anything significant since July (hello Cru, and your nebulous new name), aside from a few stupid pictures and a few average video clips. And Mr. Insertion Point knows it. He knows that I haven't had time to write a decent blog. He knows I haven't even been looking for topics. And he knows that I have resorted to asking the Facebook world for topics. Oh the humanity.

So what am I going to do about it? I will kill Mr. IP. He is a dead man. I will forge through this drought of creativity and thought with shotgun blasts of words and paragraphs. I'll set up a hotline for people to call in and request topics. I'll open a P.O box so anyone can mail me ideas. I'll hire a staff to scour the web for interesting stories that I can obliterate with sarcastic salvos. Topics on topics. Posts on posts. Blogs on blogs. It might get messy,  but I am willing to try anything to rid my dreams of IP's haunting regularity. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Enjoy it while you can, digital spawn of Bill Gates. I'm putting you out of a job like Steve Jobs.

By Aaron Brandt, who just bought a new set of Pilot G2 pens (blue). 

Saturday, September 3

New Chipotle ad "Back to the Start"

Has anyone seen the new ad from Chipotle? Here it is.

I think this is one of the best advertisements for fast food in a while. People love cute little animated animals, Willie Neslon, Coldplay and happy endings; this ad has it all. The music is set perfect to the video, and Nelson's voice gives the song a purely American twist. I don't know if anyone has seen how meat is processed these days, but it is enough to make you only eat vegetables for the rest of your life.

What the ad really does well is forge an emotional connection to Chipotle. In the ad, the Chipotle farmer is he hero, saving all the animals from steroids, chemicals and general abuse from modern food processing. The viewer feels for the animals, and when they are released, the viewer cannot help but see Chipotle as one of the good guys. Instead of trying to sell one new product, Chipotle sells itself as a whole organization. Therefore any new product that comes out will be associated and directly connects to this advertisement.

When I first heard Willie Nelson was covering a Coldplay song (one of the best songs of all time), I was skeptical. But this ad really hit its mark in reversing the common perception that all food is processed in a way that would make a garbage man cringe. I think my grandma would even like this commercial. Solid advertising.

By Aaron Brandt, who is not a vegetarian, country music fan or supporter of PETA.