Monday, August 15

Rapidfire Round Two

I asked for topics. Thanks for your responses. Here goes.

Pizza Toppings- Should be limited to either pepperoni, green peppers or chicken. Anything else is just trying too hard.
Custodians- The unsung heroes of America. They do everything we don't want to, including clean up the women's bathroom, which are always dirtier than the men's bathrooms.
Hipsters- I don't have a problem with hipsters, as long as they keep their hand rolled cigs out of my airspace and tone down the condescending looks because I wear Nike's 94% of the time. I like some of your music, excluding Vampire Weekend. Or did they sell out too much already to be considered hipster? Yes? Well I still can't stand them.
Cassie Wygant- Some girl that I know that wanted me to blog about her. Enjoy your five minutes of fame.
Divit- Some girl that wanted me to blog about her's dog. Sorta looks like a rat. Might actually be a rat.
Toads and their blankets- A reference to a comment by a girl who wanted me to blog about her regarding the fact that she considered bricks to be "toad blankets." I cannot make this up, folks.
Hummingbirds- How do they do it? Flying around all paranoid and such. Chill out, bird, the fake plastic flower feeder thing's gonna be there tomorrow, no mater how fast you flutter your little wings.
Copper Beech- The place in which I live. I have to be careful what I say, or the main office will call and vaguely threaten a lawsuit. So umm, yeah, it's a great place to live...
Twilight- I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but I do know that everyone hates the main character because she is a bad person. I can't get into that. And Taylor Lautner is in that movie, right? The kid who everyone thinks is going to GVSU next year? Yeah, because a millionaire actor would enroll in a DII university. For what, an advertising and PR degree? (happy, Susín?) Ok. Besides, we have Lautner look-alike Mark Riashi Jr. already.
Color blindness- I've always wondered, do we perceive colors differently? Like, when I see red, is that actually your blue? Are we all color blind? What is it like to live on the planet Kamino and have the ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum? Did Han shoot first?
Sporks (more spoon or fork?)- Are you blind? Obviously more spoon. I'll be honest, anything you can do with a spork, I can do with a spoon. The prongs on a spork aren't big enough to stab anything worth stabbing. Spoons on spoons on spoons.
Sex in the City- Never seen it, never will.
VHS Tapes- Classic. However, I don't miss constantly having to press the tracking button. Actually I don't miss anything about VHS tapes. What is a VHS tape?
Is camping in a trailer really camping? Are you kidding me? If you think camping in a trailer is really camping, then you must think that power walking is running. No, camping is done in tents, without electricity or running water, or bathrooms. Camping means you cook your own food, poop in a hole in the ground and brush your teeth with dirt. Don't come to me with your "camping" inside of a mobile building. Go back to some barren parking lot and drink Busch Light with the rest of the rednecks.
What exactly is a rack? A rack is slang for one thousand dollars. So apparently rapper Young Chris has thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars, according to his song.
#hashtags- A cool way to make parts of a tweet stand out. However, using this in any other situation, such as on Facebook, MySpace or college research papers is downright #unacceptable. Follow me on Twitter.

This concludes round two of rapid fire. Thank you for participating.

By Aaron Brandt. Blogs on blogs on blogs.