Wednesday, July 27

Website review: Collectible Supplies

Growing up, I had a large amount of sports collectibles in my room. I acquired them mostly through garage sales. At this point in my life, I am slowly getting rid of all these knickknacks. Some of my favorite pieces were various schutt mini helmets. Obviously my favorite was the University of Michigan Wolverines helmet I got as a birthday gift way back in the day. Now had I decided to further my collection, a good place to start would have been Collectible Supplies, a website dedicated to the sales of various sports collectibles. Their Schutt helmet collection is very large, featuring teams from most major colleges. The site even features rare throwback helmets from older teams. They also have collectibles from all major sports, including the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and other minor sports. You want a new pair of Everlast MMA gloves? Boom. Is a Detroit Red Wings Mr. Potato Head Doll on your Christmas list? Look no further. What about that Minnesota Twins hitch cover that grandpa has always wanted? Got it. The variety of products on this website makes it a useful tool for the casual and serious collector alike. Purchasing is easy, with credit card or PayPal options. The site also features a nice "order tracking" feature, which allows the user to follow the status of their precious collectible. So if you are looking to expand your collection beyond a few bobbleheads, take some timeout of your day and head to Collectible Sports.