Monday, July 18

I'm on Google+

I just got on Google's new social network, and I am in the middle of figuring it out. Seems pretty cool so far, as long as lots of people start using it. It makes Facebook look cluttered. I really like how it connects all of Google's various services together in one place. It's nice for bloggers and users of Picasa, such as myself. And there is no such thing as Farmville or Mafia Wars and all the other stupid apps that clutter up my newsfeed.

So if you are on Google+ already, add me. And if you want an invite, I'll send you one, as long as you promise to read my blog. Or send me cash donations.

And for the op-ed section of this post; I think it's funny when people knock new social network sites and updates. For example, when people talk about how much they hate Twitter when they don't even have an account. Now it's all about how Google+ is stupid because Facebook already exists. Or when people complain about a change on Facebook that we will all get used to in a day or two. If we had a choice, none of us would go back to the old versions of Facebook and such. There's the rant. Again, if you want an invite, hit me up and I'll do what I can. And add me to your circles if you have Google+. Also, +1 this post.

By Aaron Brandt, who used Twitter before it was cool and MySpace after it was cool.