Friday, May 20

P!nk vs. Selena Gomez and her pink horses

Is this the final sign of the apocalypse before the rapture tomorrow? (No. Read Matthew 24:36). Basically Selena Gomez is shooting a music video with a couple of horses painted pink on some beach in California. And the singer P!nk gets all mad about it and starts tweeting about animal cruelty and such. Because going to Twitter is a great way to handle controversy. Then all the PETA supporters get all worked up and declare war on Selena Gomez. And by war, I mean posting 140 characters on a website.

Anyway, this pretty much sums up the state of Hollywood. Celebrities get all worked up about two horses painted with animal-safe dye, while ignoring actual problems in the world. Those horses probably have a better life than I do, yet P!nk has to call on "activists" to come out and protest. How about calling on people to volunteer at a soup kitchen or clean up a park? You know, doing something for a cause that actually matters? Shame on you P!nk. One, your name is super annoying to type, and two, you clearly showed what little sense of reality you posses. Animal cruelty? These small brained beasts will get a nice bath tonight and never even know they looked like something out of Cinderella. Meanwhile, thousands of worthwhile causes would have given anything for the kind of exposure a tweet from P!nk would generate. But then again, what can I expect from the lady who sings "Raise Your Glass." Nobody should apologize, but knowing our world, these horses will be visiting the White House next month. And they will vote "nay" on the healthcare bill.

By Aaron Brandt, who ate a chicken tonight and loved it. I might even watch Wizards of Waverly Place later. But probably not.