Thursday, May 19

Is this otter really juggling?

So I'm assuming this video is about to go viral at any moment. When I saw the title, I pictured some awesome otter juggling a few rocks in the air like he's Anthony Gotto or something. But no. What I found was a lazy otter rolling a tiny pebble around on his stubby arms for less than a minute. Not juggling. Not impressive.

Juggling involves more than two objects, not any of this, one stone, on his back malarkey. Any lazy animal can roll a rock around on his arms for a little bit. Trust me, I work at a zoo. It takes true intelligence and coordination to simultaneously control more than two objects at once, while throwing them in the air. This otter can't even get his one stone off of his grimy otter paws. This fella needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink his entertainment career. Lying about your skills is pretty low, even for an otter. Come on dude, we all know you can't juggle.

By Aaron Brandt, who can't juggle either. But you don't see me posting "juggling" videos online. No sir.