Monday, March 14

The SwimmersItch Bracket Challenge III

It is time for the third annual tournament of NCAA teams and your subsequent brackets. You know the drill. 76741 is the group ID, and the password is basketball. This year's prize is $1 and an autographed note card from me. And any other junk I can round up and fit in an envelope. Sign up, space is limited. Yeah, it's that popular. HERE IS THE LINK, but it probably doesn't work. Yahoo is for the dinosaurs, but I have my reasons for staying in the site for this esteemed tournament of will power.

In other news, I lost four teeth over break. Sorry, no David after dentist videos here, the only thing I was concerned about while waking up from the sedatives was the click through rate on my ads and the analytics statistics on my western Europe blog readers. Is this real life? Check out this cool MySpace-style photograph and see the results of my dental alterations. That's right, I didn't swell or take pain medication. I attribute my toughness to the Presidential Fitness Challenge which I took in grade school. I never passed (The flexibility test was a deal breaker), but it taught me everything I know about adversity and how to overcome it. Thank you Bill Clinton.  What am I talking about again? I don't remember, just join the bracket challenge.