Thursday, March 3

Rapidfire! Round one.

Yesterday I asked the Facebook world for blog topics and they delivered. Instead of just choosing one topic, I will give  a short take on each post. Thanks for the feedback. But before I do that, I'd like to say thanks to anyone who has read the mostly pointless posts recently. I have worked hard to not forget about this blog, and it led to my most popular month of all time. Thanks!

Brigham Young University basketball player suspended for violating the school's honor code- Good for BYU. In today's college athletics world, there is a double standard. You can be a DI athlete and commit all sorts of crimes and fail all sorts of classes and not get in any trouble, while the rest of us get honest grades and stay out of trouble for no scholarship money. I'm looking at you, Michigan State. BYU has a strict code for its students, and they know of its existence before they even sign up for class. You break it, you deal with the consequences. Good to see a Division I athletic program not holding its athletes on a different playing field than the rest of the students.

Former Detroit prep star Alex Legion kicked off of another basketball team- Story here. This demonstrates the problem with the ESPN world we live in. Before this kid was even in high school, he was getting attention from everywhere. So when he "enrolled" with Country Day (I bet his signing bonus was great), he was over hyped beyond belief. It is no surprise that a kid who heard how awesome he was during the 12-16 year old developmental years is struggling to stay on a team. Getting handed the world at such a young age has consequences, and Alex Legion is proof.

Simple Dreffs-Zac Dreffs is the prototypical All-American kid. He was superstar athlete in high school that gave college football a try, but realized that there is more to life than winning DII championships every year. He is always down for a game of anything EA Sports has to offer.  His birth was shrouded in mystery; even the location is unclear. He could possibly be from Canada, Detroit, Wisconsin, Traverse City or Elk Rapids. Or none of those places. No one actually knows (besides Sean, obv). He can cook up a mean "Dreffs Special" which includes bread, ham, cheese and mayo. He recently acquired blinds in his window, which means you are no longer able to watch him get his required 8 hours of sleep per night. He has his own movie ratings system, which leans to the Jud Apatow side of the scale. Zac epitomizes "living the life," as you can find him simply living the life, usually at one of his two apartments.

"z replaces s, no questionz azked"- If you want to be cool, you muzt replace "s" with "z" at all timez. Period. No queztionz azked. It alzo addz credibilty to any paper or exam in college. Write thiz down, high zcoolerz.

Paid Tweets- Eventually Twitter needed to find a way to make money, so they let companies pay a sum of cash to have their phrase of choice shown in the day's "trending topics." I have no issue with this, as it is all part of the great capitalist model that our country uses. If you have a service that someone is willing to pay money to use, then by all means, sell that space. I wish I had thought of a website that makes money and produces no physical products. Oh wait, I did, and this space is for sale.

Thanks to Jordan, Mark, Mark Jr., Libby, and Alix for providing today's topics. Look for another Rapidfire session posted on my facebook if you want to contribute your own topics.

By Aaron Brandt, who was not joking about selling ad space on this blog. I'll color the whole thing purple for the right price.