Wednesday, March 23

Greatest dance off of all time

The spins! The finger pointing! The hand motions! The pelvic thrusts! If this isn't the greatest dance off that has ever occurred on the green earth, I don't know what is. Just look at these kids go at it! I expected a DJ to come on and yell "Tag your man, tag your man! Only this is 100 times better than anything Dance 360 could ever offer the human race. And the parents casually sit in the background as if they are not witnessing history in the making. They even ended the whole routine with a coordinated knee slide and finger point. I don't know how this hasn't gone viral yet. These two have etched themselves into the brand new SwimmersItch Blog hall of fame with this clutch performance.

Thanks to Molly for showing me this and LuisDubuc for this video. Only 6,000 views?

By Aaron Brandt, who is always game for a Jewish dance off.