Monday, March 28

Charlie Sheen. Winning? Or just exaggerating?

When Chuck Sheen's little tour was announced and tickets went on sale, the media was all over the former star of Two and a Half Men, talking about how the shows sold out in minutes, new shows were added and Sheen was back. Winning, if you will. However, it seems that his claims were greatly exaggerated. Someone in the media actually acted responsibly and didn't take the word of a former (?) drug addict's attendance report and looked up tickets at the Fox. And they are readily available. Floor seats. Next to each other. Not on Ebay for 300 times the original cost, they were available for the regular price on the regular website. She even found that some tickets are selling for less than face value. That doesn't sound like a sold out show to me. Sounds like people don't really care about Charlie Sheen. I mean, when Girl Talk is outselling you on their national tour, I don't think you are really winning. Duh. 

This brings up two issues. One, Charlie Sheen is not some all knowing master of public relations. He "violently torpedoed" his own career because he couldn't suck up his pride for a few hours a day while making millions and work with his producer. What sick person turns down that kind of money? Trust me, this wasn't some intentional, calculated outburst that was meant to advance his career. It was a brash, selfish and drug influenced decision to quit on the show that made him the highest paid star on TV (I realize he was fired, but he forced CBS to do it, with his actions and words). Sorry, but I trust the word of an entire TV studio staff, who all have families to feed as well over the words of Wild Thing.

His shtick is old, and people are tired of it. He created a novelty amount of buzz, and now there is nothing new to see at this train wreck, so the crowd moves on to better stories (Rebecca Black, ugh). He isn't a smart person. He is a selfish, arrogant celebrity that was handed the world at a young age, and never learned how to cope with adversity. Now he realizes that he needs money to pay for all his houses, child support and other costs of living a rockstar life without a rockstar paycheck.

This brings me to my second point. What a tell tale sign of the state of our media. When you have large papers and networks running stories about how Sheen sold those shows out, based on a report from TMZ that came from Sheen's Twitter, we have a serious problem. Today's "journalists" are completely irresponsible when it comes to reporting actual news and reporting it fairly. When the Sheen hype died down, what was next? A young girl who was clearly taken advantage of by literally the worst record label in history. That's what makes American news, folks. Forget Japan and Libya, we want to see what hatred Reddit is spewing about a young girl who doesn't know any better.

Sheen's five minutes are ending. Maybe he will realize what a huge mistake he made and beg to be back on the show. Or he will continue his arrogance, and watch his career wither away into Lohan status. He might be a pop culture phenomenon and sell a few t-shirts, but being a delusional buttface is no way to sustain a career. Go ahead and blink to cure your addictions. Too bad you can't blink to cure your career.

By Aaron Brandt, who owns no bowling shirts.