Sunday, February 13

RoboCop statue in downtown Detroit?

Cause I don't want no RoboCop
You movin' like a RoboCop
When did you become a RoboCop
No, I don't need no RoboCop
-Kanye West. RoboCop

The newest little Internet fad is a push to get an actual RoboCop statue in downtown Detroit. Some geeks who probably live in their mom's basement have started a fund to raise $50,000 in order to get a statue of the fictional half-man, half-robot, all cop's likeness in Detroit. Because "Robocop has become a very suitable icon to represent Detroit, and deserves a place in this city's history," according to the original Robocop Facebook post. "As Detroit continues to redefine itself into the 21st century — please help to truly make this the coolest city on earth." Here's the website.

Yeah, ok. This is another example of people's dim views of what is actually happening in Detroit. It just shows that the city is a joke to most. I'm sure most of the people who are pushing this don't actually live in the city, and don't realize what an unfortunate waste of money that this statue would be if built.  If you want to make Detroit the coolest city on earth, a stinking RoboCop statue is a worse idea than  windmill power and the Woodward monorail combined.

If you want to make it a "cool" city, how about fixing the 47% illiteracy rate in the city? That's right, almost half of the people in Detroit cannot read. Detroit has a horrendous school system that is should be ashamed to claim that it is in the business of education. People made Robert Bobb out to be a superhero when he took over as Emergency Financial Director the DPS, but the deficit has only gotten worse, schools have closed, jobs have been outsourced and shady deals have been struck. He clearly overstepped his bounds when it came to his job description. Maybe Detroit needs an Emergency Emergency Financial Director at this point. No sane person will move their family to Detroit knowing that they will get the worst education possible for their children. You can build all the bars, stadiums and monorails you want, but you will not have a vibrant city if people have no where to shop for apples so they can give to their teachers. (Both apples and teachers are hard to come by in the city). And let's not forget about the crime rate, which is something a RoboCop statue won's stop. In fact, I bet RoboCop will be dismantled and scrapped less than 24 hours after he is put up in the city.

I am glad to see that mayor Dave Bing said "There are not any plans to erect a statue of RoboCop, thank you for your suggestion," on Twitter. There's one positive action a Detroit politician has taken. On Twitter.

Eminem commercials and RoboCop statues will not change anything in Detroit. Electing good politicians who care about the city instead of their mansions (Hello Martha Reeves) and are not crazy (Hello JoAnn Watson). This is Detroit and this is what we do. We build statues of fictional crime fighting robots from bad 1980s movies.

By Aaron Brandt, who thinks Iron Man would destroy RoboCop.