Sunday, February 27

Louisville cheerleader gets a technical

Is cheerleading a sport? Legally, no. That issue was put to bed last year by the courts (and people who play real sports). But I had to chuckle when during the Louisville-Pitt basketball game, a Louisville cheerleader got all pumped after the Cardinals scored on a breakaway. He grabbed the ball off the court and threw it in the air, despite the fact that there was still time on the clock.

Hahaha I can understand him getting excited about the game and I don't know, cheering (maybe toss in a mid-air kick), but this dude took it to another level. He was probably venting the frustrations of getting cut from his high school basketball team (I can relate), and having to sit on the sidelines and rah rah rah all day. As if the emphatic dunk wasn't enough of an exclamation point on the game, my man had to waddle on to the court and hurl the ball to the rafters. I love his reaction right after he tossed it; "Oh boy, that was not a good idea. At all." He meekly back peddled to his rightful place, next to his trusty megaphone.

Don't get me wrong, if someone offered me a scholarship to cheer, I probably would take it and own it like a boss. I'd be doing eggrolls and cartwheels all over the place.  I'd make Cirque de Sole look like amateurs. "G-V-S-U, are you a Laker? #&%! YES!" People wouldn't leave after the men's game anymore, they would now go home after halftime, because the real show would be over. I'd set up a table for autographs, and hire a manager and security. I would put Louie the Laker out of a job. But this guy took it too far and just became the butt of all jokes, and the living stereotype that 99% of Americans have about male cheerleaders. Smooth move, meathead. You forever tarnished my cheerleading dreams.

By Aaron Brandt, who indeed passed gymnastics in high school P.E. with a rousing routine that featured the NBC Olympic theme music. Boss.