Monday, January 31

Ohio State University class reads Twilight in English?

Typical Buckeyes. Not only do they let Terrell Pryor sell his gold pants and turn in the worst research paper ever written, the school is now now reading Twilight as part of an honors English class (Click 261H with Garcha for the syllabus). This is wrong on so many levels. The other books required for this class are Frankenstein, Dracula and The Taming of the Shrew. Yeah, stinking Twilight stacks up to those titles...ok. I mean seriously, why is "The" Ohio State University reading a book written specifically for 14 year old girls who have nothing better to do, besides chew bubble gum and post pictures of Justin Bieber all over their walls using pages from J14 magazine while they text their friends about how awesome the latest episode of Glee was because Britney's back, baby.  At least the Twilight books have stood the test of time and been analyzed by countless scholars and profs all searching for that deeper meaning and theme, right? At least an irrational fan base hasn't developed solely because of a certain actor's six-pack and endless supply tanning lotion as he breaks our favorite girl's heart. Grand Valley has some pretty stupid classes, and I have bought some pretty stupid books, but this tops the list. This is a Big Ten school? This alone should place them in a category outside "Legends and Leaders." More like "Losers."

Now of course this could all be a hoax, where Garcha gets out in front of the class the day after the drop deadline and lights the book on fire and says "Haha, joke's on you, suckers!" In that case, I would be pleased with that school down south which Michigan refuses to name (and also beat in football). She would be smart to trap a bunch of Twilight nerds (do they have a special name like Gleeks?) in a room and give them actual literature that you won't see in the checkout line at CVS. But probably not. I mean her credibility as an educator must be at an all time high right now.

What's next, the Buckeye Quidditch team moves up to division I and plays in the Horseshoe? John Cooper is coming back to coach? Terrell Pryor will sell his Quidditch sportsmanship robes and still get to play in the Hogwarts Inter-House Championship? Will Marice Clarett be sipping Grey Goose and get caught with illegal wands in his car before his professional Quidditch tryout with the Denver Broomsticks? Will they win a national championship only because the Miami Hurri-wizards best chaser (Willis McWizard) broke his leg? Who will Greg Oden take to the Yule Ball? Will Buckeye fans be divided in thier support of Team Troy Smith or Team Justin Zwick?
Answers? Most likely, yes and Oden won't get into the Yule Ball because he is too old looking.
Story Via: The Daily What

By Aaron Brandt, who read The Prisoner of Azkaban on his first car ride to GVSU without getting car sick.

Fun fact: OSU's coach, defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator are all named Jim. You can also follow Ohio State Quidditch on Twitter here-!/OSUQuidditch