Tuesday, January 11

I hate Verizon. And its stupid iPhone.

UPDATE: Thanks to my mother, who was able to get a hold of Verizon, they are sending me a new phone (something called an Envy Touch?) free of charge. Still, I am peacing out of my contract in 5 months.

On the literal eve of the Verizon iPhone announcement, Verizon once again became the bane of my existence. Once again, they basically sent me out the door of their store with a broken phone and a "sorry about that sonny." For the second consecutive time, my piece of trash LG Dare has failed me out of the blue, with the same error. For the second consecutive time, I was just minding my own business, going to the store, when I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time, only to discover the words  "SERVICE REQUIRED" blaring across my touch screen. Once again I went into the store and asked for help. And for the second time in my life, the nerdy guy behind the desk asked me "Did you turn it off and take out the battery?" Really? What a great idea! I didn't even think of that! (sarcasm alert). Of course, they couldn't fix it in the store, so they called someone else, who asked if the guy in the store had taken out the battery, who eventually transferred the call to someone else who asked if anyone had taken out the battery and so on for about 30 minutes. They couldn't seem to figure out the problem, and had to order a "new" (clearly refurbished) Dare from some warehouse, leaving me without a phone for 5 days. When I finally did get the same phone, they tried to charge me $15 to get my contacts transferred. I wasn't having any of that. So summer and fall passed us by, and BAM, the same problem occurred. So I took it in, and once again, they wasted my time trying to fix the phone. I told them straight up that they would not be able to fix it (which possibly made the guy mad).

This time, after 30 futile minutes, they told me that they do not have any old Dares laying around in their warehouse. No, I have to buy a new phone, which inevitably means I will have to buy the $10 Internet that comes with all new phones. I would also have to pay almost full price for the phone (minus the laughable $30 upgrade for being one year, six months in to the contract) and renew my contract for another two years. Or I can find my old Razr (which I lost) and use that. Awesome Verizon, your crap phones have led me to use a phone that wasn't even new five years ago. I use my phone to text and call. I am not so pathetically addicted to my email or Facebook that I need a constant update at all times. If I need to go on the web, I'll use my laptop. I don't care about apps, and I do not want the Internet that they force all customers to purchase. My phone broke for the second time, and I have to pay for it? How does that make any sense? Of course I am not done fighting, and I will make a few unfriendly calls to "Bob" in Indonesia, and ask for his supervisor (Frank), but for now, I am hopping mad. My goal is contract termination. I want out. I want nothing to do with Verizon and their useless help center, their garbage phones, their idiotic replacement policy and their expensive contract. My phone broke for the second time and I have to buy a new one and renew my contract? Sounds like a conspiracy to me... Take your iPhone and shove it, Verizon.

By Aaron Brandt, who did nothing wrong and has to pay for Verizon's  mistakes.