Thursday, January 27

The Cleveland Cavaliers

For my Advertising 305 (Sports Promotion) class, I have to come up with a promotional plan for the 2010-2011 Cleveland Cavs. This is a very involved, year-long project that requires me to follow the team all year in order to develop a strategy to get butts in the seats. Thanks to an inverted alphabetical order drafting system, I was left with one of the last picks of an NBA team in my class. I took the Cavs because I figured they might be doing something interesting to make up for the loss of LeBaby. The are not.

Not only is this the worst team in the NBA (they have lost 28 out of 29 games, including 19 losses in a row), they have ZERO marketable stars. When Antwan Jamison is the best player on your team, you have problems. When Anderson "Flop until you drop" Varejao is the face of your franchise, you have a crisis. No one goes to games. No one watches the games. No one even knows there is a team in Cleveland. The attendance has had the sharpest decline from one year to the next since MJ left the Bulls.

So what's the point of all this? Well, as a downtrodden Pistons fan, I at least have some hope. They still have a chance at the playoffs, and after the season, they might be able to improve. Not even a first round pick and Kobe Bryant can take the Cavs out of the cellar next year. I think the Pistons should just make the Cavs their new NBDL team and call it a day. Meanwhile, i'll rack my brains for one reason Clevelanders should show up to the train wreck that rolls into town ever so often. And that reason certainly isn't that homeless dude's voice.

By Aaron Brandt, who once threatened to be a Cavs fan if the Pistons didn't draft Mateen Cleaves. Phew, dodged a bullet on that one!