Thursday, January 20

A blog about health insurance

So the house voted to repeal Obamacare recently, leaving the healthcare picture as cloudy as an Allendale winter night. Sometimes our healthcare is provided, but as the economy struggles, more and more businesses are cutting benefits and even cutting all healthcare, leaving people to fill in the gaps or find something on their own. And now we won't have a government program to pick our healthcare for us. This means we must sort through the seemingly daunting maze of healthcare plans and providers in order to find affordable health insurance. However there is a solution. Medical Health Insurance Today offers a way for the average person to find decent healthcare. Do you need health insurance for preexisting conditions? No problem, will help you not only learn about the basics of healthcare, from family care, short and long term care, business health care and all the way to international travelers health insurance. The process is simple. All you have to do is enter a zip code, complete the short application and then receive a free, no obligation health insurance quote. Again, there is no problem that this website does not cover. There are categories that help you better understand the world of healthcare, such as information in expat insurance, insurance specifically made for the state of California, how to add children under 26 to a plan, and how to buy individual health insurance. There are also numerous articles posted by MHIT, explaining the latest news and information about healthcare. When Obamacare passed, there was comprehensive coverage detailing the ins and outs of the new system which has since been extinguished. They also post a list of recommended health sites, which include many valuable resources for basic and complex health issues. Sites such as WebMD, The National Institutes of Health and The U.S. Department of Health and Human services are all recommended. The site does a terrific job of informing people about all the issues, both simple and complex, concerning healthcare. Tired of watching cable news and wondering what the words "health insurance for pre existing conditions" or "expat broker" mean? This website is your answer.