Wednesday, December 29

Lutheran High North Sign-Gate Controversy!

If you have driven by Lutheran High School North recently, you may have noticed a new sign planted on the outside of the fence. While I was made aware of this change by an elusive tweeter/former blogger (Aflu4President), I shrugged it off as no big deal. Its a sign, who cares. But apparently this is not the case, as a raging debate has arisen. Two sides of the argument have been born out of this issue, resulting in a dispute that will ultimately tear apart a nation (possibly). Welcome to Lutheran North Sign-Gate 2010-2011.

One side of the argument loves the new sign. They claim it was a needed improvement over the old letter card design that stood outside of the school for years. They like how the brown colored metal matches the brick on the exterior of the building and hails back the early, brown and gold days of the past. The electronic letters allow for easy changes to the message, as well as a scrolling marquee. Also, supporters point out that vandals can no longer create their own “special” messages with the old changeable plastic letters. One would even say the supporters would give the sign two enthusiastic thumbs up.

The other side of the argument vehemently opposes the changes. In fact, they are about to round up the troops and yank it right out its moorings They say that the brown sign does not match the current color scheme of the school (black and gold). LHN changed to their current colors in the mid 1990s. The naysayers say “nay,” and also conclude that this sign would fit in at a time when the student body was tight rolling their pants and rocking mullets, but not today. They also note that the sign’s actual letters are hard to read, as they are reportedly too small and move too fast. Apparently reading paragraphs of information while driving 55 MPH is not an easy task (I can do it). They also point out that some of the letters and even the Mustang logos have fallen off and disappeared into the oblivion of 24 Mile Road. There are also whispers that the money for the sign could be put to better use. Maybe spend a few extra dollars to raise the heat a few degrees? Or pay off a few Cam Newtons to get the Mustangs beyond round two of the football playoffs? Or even buy an updated mascot, replacing Musty, the ridiculous half horse-face, half human-face laughingstock of the Catholic League. But they digress.

So what do you think? Was the sign a needed improvement? Or was it an ugly, tragic waste of funds? Did you even notice the sign? Let your opinion be heard in the poll on the top of the right hand column, or leave a comment detailing your thoughts on this pressing issue.

And speaking of sign-gate controversies, good job Seminole Elementary School, on the use of your electronic sign that has been flashing error messages since November. Great use of my tax dollars.