Monday, December 6

Actual birth caught on Google Earth

So Google has been driving around in ridiculous looking trucks, taking pictures of buildings for its Streetview feature, which obviously lets you view the street. So in their roaming, they managed to capture someone's first seconds on planet earth. Right in the street. I've always been fascinated with Google's satellite view, which has led to plans for a giant sign on the top of my roof, or a specific pattern mowed into the lawn. The big problem is the timing. You never know when Google is going to fly over or drive by, making an elaborate moment impossible. But not for this kid. No, he managed to get one of the most incredible moments in his life captured by a van with a camera traveling at about 25 MPH. My street isn't even on Streeview, and my apartment complex isn't even built yet on Google Maps, yet this kid's birth is captured for all to see. Bravo, kid with good timing. Click the picture to get a better view.

By Aaron Brandt, fetus turned blogger. 

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