Tuesday, November 9

College online? A short essay.

The Internet isn't just a place for pointless blog ramblings or videos about cats anymore. No, as technology advances, it has become more apparent that the Internet has taken a front seat in our lives. You cannot escape it, with wireless connections, web-enabled cell phones and 4G speeds all becoming commonplace. So why can't education follow suit. I have taken many classes that really didn't need to be held in a classroom. It would be far more cost effective to conduct more online college courses. It would save everyone money; the universities and colleges don't have to pay a teacher's salary, they save on energy costs, while the student can save by taking a more cost effective course. You can already get a business degree online, so why not expand that to all of the liberal arts requirements we are so familiar with? My Music 219 class was almost all on the web with an online textbook, quizzes and music samples; why not save me the stress of waking up before the rooster crows, and hold the entire course online? It saves everyone money, which should be a key factor in today's economy. Then the universities can focus more on job placement, like a dental assisting program. Online courses are becoming more popular, and I believe that universities should embrace that shift.