Thursday, November 11

Chinese hotel built in 6 days?

So basically some Chinese dudes got together and built an entire fifteen story hotel in six days. Thats right, six days. And on the seventh day, they rested, because it is insane to build a hotel in that amount of time.

Amazing feat of human engineering, but seriously, who would stay in a Chinese hotel built in six days? Is it made of cardboard? Is it an erector set? Did aliens build it? Are there doors on the rooms? You couldn't pay me to stay in something built that fast. It probably took my apartment complex several months to build my unit, and it is a solid piece of thin walled junk. I think it took my dad three weeks to re-tile our bathroom floor, and these dudes tiled hundreds. Notice they didn't show the interior. Probably because it is made of packing foam and aluminum cans. I bet the War-Del Motel has higher standards than this rat trap. And what kind of cleaning service does a hotel that was constructed in six days employ? Even some of the best hotels in America are riddled with bed bugs, stains and rat poop. Imagine what a black light would turn up in this castle. So the next time I visit China, I will just stay in one of those cool space pod hotels and avoid a certain collapse caused by a bird landing on the chimney (I assume they remembered to add a chimney).

By Aaron Brandt, constructor of 3 sand castles.