Thursday, November 18

Ban all cell phones in cars?

Heck yes. The Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently went on record saying that he is looking into technology that causes cell phones to become unusable in a car. Its sort of a scrambling device that stops phones from getting service while it is physically in the car. Good. Cell phones in cars are nothing but trouble. Trust me, I've been in a car with someone firing off 70 texts per minute, while weaving in and out of the lines. I disagreed with the new Michigan texting law, only because it didn't go far enough, and created too much grey area. This technology would make the situation pretty black and white. I am against the government creeping into my life and regulating things, but this is more than a personal issue. When I get into a car, and Tina the sorority sister is all over the road because of her Droid2, then it puts my life in danger. If car accidents only affected the driver, then I wouldn't care. But one idiot on their phone puts up to hundreds of people at risk.

 The fact that we need to use a phone while driving really shows the state of our society. We can't go a minute without meaningless communication. I like driving because I can relax for a little bit. The last thing I want to do is multi-task driving, messaging and talking. Have our lives become so busy that we can't wait until we arrive at our destination before we talk to someone? Come on. Even though I rolled my eyes when my driver's training instructor (who was recently acquitted of his child porn charges) told us that a car is a loaded weapon, it's true. And nothing says irresponsibility like distracting yourself while handling a weapon. It is selfish to place your conversation above the safety of those around you.

Good for Ray LaHood, I hope this actually comes to pass. Do we really need to be connected at all times? Or can we take a short break and put down the phone? It needs to be illegal to use a phone while driving. Since most people already ignore the texting law, these scramblers should be installed in all cars, making it literally impossible to use a phone while driving. America's roads are already dangerous places, as any moron can pass that joke of a driving test and get a license for life. Why make the situation worse and allow such a blatant distraction?

By Aaron Brandt,  four year prisoner to an expensive Verizon Wireless contract.