Tuesday, October 12

I'm faster than Denard.

I ran in the GVSU Homecoming 5K on Saturday, and actually won. And if by "won" you mean, not collapsing on the side of the course and dying like Obama's reelection chances, you would be correct. In fact, I redeemed myself from a horrendous performance my freshman year at the Irish Jig (I think they took down the clock by the time I finished), with a respectable time of 20:59. That's two weeks of training, no speed workouts and a level of dedication that draws comparisons to 6th grade track. I sprinted at the end and reeled in a man probably three times my age, then passed a girl who was probably half my age. I still got it. Next up, the open 5K at the high school cross country regionals. I am pretty much a legend there, with my 32nd place finish in 2007, so I will probably have to deal with some sort of ceremony in my honor, but hey, that's the price the greats must pay.