Tuesday, October 5

Flag football team names

I'm playing in a flag football league at GVSU, and while looking at the schedule, I had to chuckle at some of the team names. Here's a few of the best (and some of the worst).

-The Bernstein Advantage
-T-Boone Pickens
-Dante Stallworth Driving Academy
-Kistler/Copeland Argonauts
-Forgetting Brandon Marshall
-Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap
-Favre’s Disciples
-Screaming Llamas
-Iron Jim Jeffries

And the worst (graded on creativity/cliché/frat factor)
-Shoelace 16
-Stafford Living Center
-South Apartments
-Alpha Sig
-Sigma Pi Bros
-Sig Ep
-Delta Upsilon
-Holland Christian
-The Grind
- Thundercats
-Free Weezy