Thursday, October 28

GVSU police enforce laws? Whaaaaat?

Here is a classy letter sent sent and printed in my school's paper the other day. Please take a second to read it.

Here's the paragraph that really irked me...
"I’m sorry GVSU police, but we are in college. People party in college. It’s basically part of the American dream. Good luck trying to convince us to be unpatriotic. I’m not stupid; I know there are reasons for the law. But honestly, the extent to which those laws are carried out here on campus is disheartening. I’m so happy our tuition dollars are going towards cops who make us feel like we are living in Nazi occupied France … not."

Let's dissect all of the things that make this paragraph ridiculous. 
1. The American Dream. Apparently the American dream is to get drunk while underage? Awesome, no wonder all of those people came through Ellis Island back in the day. No wonder we can't control the illegal alien population. Seriously, how offensive. There's thousands of people who have died defending the American dream, and I'm pretty sure they were not thinking about 18 year old Lizzy getting hammed on Four Loko. It is sad that someone's American dream is to party. Keep your parties, I'll take a job and family.  
2. Patriotism. I consider myself patriotic. I even vote! But since when did patriotism depend on my choice to drink and party underage? You would think patriotism would involve following the laws of this country...Get real, yelling at cops for doing their job is pretty unpatriotic. What are the police supposed to do, remember that it's college and let everything slide? "Oh, I'm sorry Stevie, I forgot you were in college and real laws don't apply to on!" That'd be fun.
The Police (2CD Anthology)3.The extent of the law. How are cops carrying out the laws too far? If you think the law is unfair, that's another issue, but don't hate the police for enforcing the laws already in place (ie, doing their job). Sorry that consequences for lawbreaking is "disheartening" to you, but once again, the police are just doing their job. It's not like they are abusing the law to bust innocent people, they are simply busting the people who broke the law. If you don't like getting caught, don't break the law...
4. Nazi Occupation. If this author had any credibility, kablam, it's now gone on a permanent vacation. Any comparison to Nazis is outrageous, especially when its a minuscule situation like this one. The Jews and others that Hitler brutally murdered were innocent. They didn't have a choice to go to the concentration camps, gas chambers and ovens. We have a choice to drink or not drink. And if we get caught, we pay some money, get something on our record for a few years and move on. Six million people are dead from the Holocaust. How dare she compare the police's enforcement of a rational law to one of the most horrific and despicable tragedies in human history. And I think we have a few more freedoms than the French did in the early 1940s... Maybe a basic history course is in order?
5. Laws are laws. We have laws to protect us. And it is the police's job to enforce those laws. We also can freely make the choice to drink or not, but we must keep in mind the consequences. Maybe the author needs to reevaluate her priories if this is such a recurring issue. If you disagree with the law itself, then go out and do something about it. Make a petition, call your congressman, organize a rally. But don't blame law enforcement for enforcing laws.

SI Video- "ESPN 30 for 30- LHN Badminton"

Here is a video I whipped up from footage taken in 2007 during badminton club. (Team NATO ftw).

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Friday, October 22

New SwimmersItch Video- Japan's Got Talent

Here is my latest video, Japan's Got Talent Audition. It is my entry into Japan's Got Talent 2011. Please subscribe, and join the fan page---->CLICK ME!

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Tuesday, October 12

I'm faster than Denard.

I ran in the GVSU Homecoming 5K on Saturday, and actually won. And if by "won" you mean, not collapsing on the side of the course and dying like Obama's reelection chances, you would be correct. In fact, I redeemed myself from a horrendous performance my freshman year at the Irish Jig (I think they took down the clock by the time I finished), with a respectable time of 20:59. That's two weeks of training, no speed workouts and a level of dedication that draws comparisons to 6th grade track. I sprinted at the end and reeled in a man probably three times my age, then passed a girl who was probably half my age. I still got it. Next up, the open 5K at the high school cross country regionals. I am pretty much a legend there, with my 32nd place finish in 2007, so I will probably have to deal with some sort of ceremony in my honor, but hey, that's the price the greats must pay.

Sunday, October 10

GVSU LipDub 2010 (VIDEO)

It's back up!
Some students at Grand Valley State University made a "lipdub" video, which is basically a lip-synced music video shot on one continuous take. No special effects, no cuts or edits. I think it turned out pretty nice. School pride!

The video was directed by Kim Roberts, Chris Coleman and Greg Kort.

Tuesday, October 5

Flag football team names

I'm playing in a flag football league at GVSU, and while looking at the schedule, I had to chuckle at some of the team names. Here's a few of the best (and some of the worst).

-The Bernstein Advantage
-T-Boone Pickens
-Dante Stallworth Driving Academy
-Kistler/Copeland Argonauts
-Forgetting Brandon Marshall
-Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap
-Favre’s Disciples
-Screaming Llamas
-Iron Jim Jeffries

And the worst (graded on creativity/cliché/frat factor)
-Shoelace 16
-Stafford Living Center
-South Apartments
-Alpha Sig
-Sigma Pi Bros
-Sig Ep
-Delta Upsilon
-Holland Christian
-The Grind
- Thundercats
-Free Weezy