Wednesday, September 29

Yeah, I watched Glee last night...

REVIEW: So I watched the most recent episode of Glee, only because my roommate was interested in seeing Britney Spears, and one thing was made clear. Glee sucks. For starters, no human can sing like those actors. Their voices are so altered and edited that T-Pain would be embarrassed. I've heard all the hype about how awesome they make covers of popular songs. I just thought they were referring to the actual singers, not the engineers and sound guys who spent hours making average people sound like Cher and Jared Leto had a Broadway love child. Sorry, I sound cynical again; but the overt, in your face kumbya themes of world peace, holding hands and "why can't we be friends" seem to have twisted my view of this show. Apparently high school sex sells, especially when its teacher-student romances and janitor's closet hookups. And toss in a few "no hate" lines and you have a perfect storm of sugar coated, politically correct bubble gum. It plays on (and advocates) all kinds of stereotypes in high school (athletes are dumb pigs, cheerleaders are airheads and the nerds are really the only good people on earth), despite the fact that they are all supposedly equals in the same club. Basically I felt like this show says if you are popular, you are a bad person. If you are unpopular, you are a saint. I know it isn't a real representation of high school, and instead is a rather a gross exaggeration made for 17 year old girls, however, it is yet another show making a huge impact on pop culture. Viewers are made to believe that certain behaviors are acceptable and expected, when in reality, they are not. Check the promo clip to see what I mean. So I think that's the last episode of Glee I will ever watch, unless the producers choose to cover blink-182, which will result in a blog that makes my most negative commentaries seem like an Owl City song. Not my type of show; I'll stick with Arrested Development reruns.

Glee. 1/10 (one point because it's a really nice day outside.)