Thursday, September 23

How to deal with the Facebook outage of 2010

So Facebook went down today, which only means that ten years from now, we will ask "where were you when Facebook went down for 30 minutes?" After returning from my stats class, all I wanted to do was post some fire on my roommate's wall about how Boise State is the worst team ever to play in a BCS bowl when I discovered that Facebook was down. What shall I do?!?! After thinking for ten seconds, I have come up with a list of what to do without Facebook. Even though the blackout is ended, it has shown how fragile our lives are, and how the worst can happen at any time. Hope this list helps.

1. Talk about the outage on twitter. Retweet often.
2. Post comments about the outage on Tumblr. Here's mine.
3. Post a YouTube video about the outage
4. Try to make a humorous blog mocking the outage
5. Post a Skype update about the outage.
6. Stock up on bottled water and canned goods to make it through the outage.
7. Start your own social network
8. Check your Myspace...nah, just kidding, that's ridiculous.
9. Watch TV for updates on the outage
10. Text your friend in California to see if Facebook is down outside of America.
11. Call 911.
12. Panic.
13. Get into the fetal position and cry.
14. Actually start the homework that is due tomorrow.
15. Stock up on firearms
16. Blame Obama/Glenn Beck
17. Write a parody song about it.
18. Create an ironic t-shirt about the outage on
19. Do the laundry
20. Offset your carbon emissions
21. Discover that this is actually all a marketing ploy to promote The Social Network.
22. Overreact. 

I am glad to say that no one was injured or killed during this time of hardship. I hope this helps to prepare you for future blackouts.