Sunday, June 13

Swimmers Itch Video- Never Play Tennis Alone

This is what happens when you try to play tennis by yourself. Enjoy (or don't).

Thursday, June 3

Occasionally Grammatical Lutheran North

I have to admit, something has been bothering me about Lutheran High School North for the past 3ish years. The cafeteria food? The detention policy? The dress code? Nope, sorry, but something far more serious has been grinding my gears until now, and it's time to unleash my pent up rage. Tale a look at the sign hanging on the outside of the left field fence on the softball field and see if you notice anything.  
This piece of vinyl needs some serious grammar checking, because there there should be an apostrophe after Mustangs. It should read "Mustangs' Stadium." It is the stadium belonging to the Mustangs, therefore they posses it. And I just actually used "therefore" in a sentence, so you know I am right. The day they put it up, it has bothered  me, and since I have a sister on the team, I get to see it at every home game I attend. So what's the big deal Aaron? Get over it! You graduated! You suck! I hate you! (All things I assume that people reading this are saying). I like the sign, but blatant mistakes on a sign that everyone sees isn't a good look. And I can say that, because I once played Frisbee golf on that very field. And spell-check made me capitalize Frisbee. 

Wednesday, June 2

Name my cat!

Summer is here, and that means I am getting a new cat to replace the beloved Murphy. That also means I will need a good name. Murphy's name creatively began as Paws, but was later changed for bookkeeping purposes. This time, I want to get a jump on the naming process and have a few in mind before I go to pick one out. The kitten will be a male, and also awesome. So here are the top finalists so far, feel free to add your own, and they may make the list, or even have the honor of naming the next Brandt cat (that will most likely die in the most unusual circumstances...)

1. Head Coach Mike Babcock. Best coach in the world, and also a big game hunter, like my future cat will be.
2. Mr. Kitty. Named after an average cat. Add her on Facebook.
3. Melvin. Mr. Wesley had a cat named Melvin.
4. Hobo. Mr. Wesley has a cat named Hobo.
5. Dan. Mr Rohde loves cats.
6. Willie II. My old cat was named Willie before a dog ate him and my parents lied about it for 10 years. No wonder those "Lost Cat" signs they helped me put up didn't work...
7. Mr. Echo. The best character on LOST, who was mysteriously missing from the finale deserves to be commemorated.
8. Jay Towers. TV Personality, also great name for a cat.

I would love to hear your suggestions, or even your hateful feedback.