Saturday, April 24

How people find my blog

I was doing some digging around my Google analytics page (which tells me how many people look at this blog among other nerdy tidbits such as screen resolutions, browsers, and bounce rates) and I came across a feature that lets me see what you guys are searching in Google (plus one Bing user) to find this blog. Needless to say, the results were interesting. Here are a few of my favorites. (The top five, statistically, are in the picture to the left.)

My favorite searches to find this blog (no order)

-steve reckling
-stephen reckling money
-something fake about michael w smith?
-rob rotondo on face book
-people who pose on facebook with their shirts off
-mark strube, gvsu
-lutheran teacher blog
-is carrie prejean a lutheran?
-comrade el superman
-blog grand valley lutheran
-"nathan schilling"
-"relevant magazine" liberal
-young jeezy yells profanity at
-too many "christian" bands are fake
-"journey to the core"
-963 wdvd hit or miss brandon heath
-aarons on facebook in detroit
-annoying pictures of stupid people
-carrie prejean mormon
-dennis miller quotes on closing gitmo
-go to a real college

And here are my top 10 favorites with italicized snide remarks.

10. john bradnt blogger clem At least spell his name right. Two people managed 
to mess this up.
9. lhn snoopy the musical -No comment. For everyone's sakes.
8. rob bell, lutheran views Ummm, Rob Bell has no Lutheran views. Duh.
7.taking picture in front of mirror annoying -So annoying. I catch myself doing it all 
the time.

6. anthropology 111 at gvsu- AVOID it at all costs. Just a load of "we are the world" 
and "America is mean" crap.
5. lutheran criticism rob bell How about this for a Lutheran criticism; 
Bell twists God's word into a humanist, universalist self help book. False prophet anyone?
4. the problem with relevant magazine It acts like an entertainment 
magazine instead of a Christian magazine like it claims?

3. "shirts with stripes and scrolls and plaids in coral and apple green and lavender and faint orange" I own many of these shirts and plaids. Gotta love that coral and apple 

2. occasionally lutheran high north I still stand behind everything I said. 
Truth beats emotion any day.
1. is obama going to shut down space camp NOOOOOO, not space camp! 
Keep space camp, kill NASA.

Bonus:how to tell you attending lutheran school-Because sometimes, a sign that says 
"Lutheran school" might not be good enough.