Monday, March 1

The Crosby Hate

March is finally here, bringing end of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. On Sunday, I managed to fit a few hours in my busy schedule of craving attention and being an arrogant prick to actually watch the hockey game. The past few years I have gotten back into hockey (curiously coinciding with several deep Wings' playoff runs), so I was pretty pumped for the game between USA and our hat. It was a great game, and everything hockey should be. The talent was incredible, and not diluted by hockey wasteland franchises such as Columbus, Atlanta and Phoenix. The pointless fights were gone, yet the tension and suspense of the game was unsurpassed. Of course the final minute of regulation was insane, and even overtime was great, despite the loss for the Americans. Could there be a more fitting end to the Vancouver Olympics than the biggest athlete in Canada scoring an OT goal? Obviously a certain game 30 years ago in Lake Placid comes to mind, but other than that moment, few compare.

Which brings me to my main point. I don't get why Crosby is hated so much. Looking at my Facebook news feed, twitter and  a few other blogs, I was really surprised to see all of the people ripping Crosby like he is Osama Bin Laden. I get the fact that he is the star of the team that beat the Detroit Red Wings last year, and he certainly does gain a lot of attention, but I believe he has earned it. The kid has been to two Stanley Cup Finals in the past two years, winning one, he has been a part of an Olympic team, and he just scored the game winner in the final match of the tournament, giving his country the gold in their own building. He has done more recently than many of the other stars in hockey, such as Ovechkin, Datsyuk and anyone else in the running. Other players may have the stats, but Crosby has the hardware, and that's what really matters in my opinion.

People are also raging mad about NBC's love for Crosby. I don't blame them for hyping up Sid the Kid, as hockey is a second rate sport in America right now. People just don't watch hockey, and along comes an exciting North American player with a name we can all pronounce. I don't blame NBC at all for focusing on Crosby. He is one of the most marketable stars in the league. Sure Ovy might be a better player, but he, like many other European players, is not the easiest to understand. Take Pavel Datsyuk's Rahmani Eye Institute commercial for example. It was almost painful to watch (PUN INTENDED). I don't blame NBC at all for promoting Crosby, because he is the closest thing the league has to a Lebron James, Ryan Howard or a Peyton Manning. If the NHL wants to battle with the big dawgs, they need to have interesting athletes, and Crosby appears to be just that. 

In the end, I realize all of the Cosby-hate is coming from a slighted Detroit area, who is fresh off a game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup Finals, but I think it's time to wake up and realize that Sid is a great hockey player deserving the league and TV networks' coverage and focus. But that's just my attention seeking opinion.