Friday, February 26

Creepy Jesus?

So there's a new Facebook fan page going around called "The Creepy Jesus Picture in Freshman Hallway" that really grinds my gears. The group centers around a mural at the end of my high school's freshman hallway, mirroring a very famous portrait of Jesus Christ. My first reaction was indifference, but after seeing more and more people join the group, it really began to rub me the wrong way. First of all, I remember when Julianne Nowicki (who writes a great blog), Shawn Verschaeve, Tommie Mianecki and Sarah Verner all worked hard on the painting for a long time. It was really cool to see the mural develop from its blank beginnings and round into shape as time progressed. You could really tell they worked incredibly hard on the painting. I think Tommie was in my class when they were planning it all out on paper, and then began to execute it. And it was even cooler to see the finished product for about half of my career at LHN. Seriously, the artists worked really hard on this, and to disrespect their contributions to the school is despicable. It was a great reminder of what type of school we belonged to, not just some politically correct public school, but a school built on the foundation of Christianity. It was bold and said a lot with out using any words. 

But then some (presumably) high school kid gets on his or her facebook and starts a fan page ripping the work of art. Of course they hid behind a blanket of anonymity, and decided not to attach a name to the group, similar to most of the idiotic comments on my blog. Weak. To call the Savior of the world "Creepy" is pretty foolish. I get it, you don't like the painting, but calling Christ creepy? Really? Then there's the comments such as "like this status if you've gotten freaked out by JESUS!" I don't usually equate Christ with getting freaked out.  If your mom can drop you off at AMC 30 so you can sneak into Saw IV, then I think you can handle a painting of God in a Lutheran high school. If having a picture of Christ at a Lutheran school is so wrong, then maybe you should consider Dakota. 

And I know the response, "It was just a joke, can't you have a little fun with it?" No, I don't really take lightly to people making fun of our Savior, as well as the incredible hard work of four talented artists. I wouldn't normally stoop to high school related facebook levels (not since the "Aaron B is a tool" facebook group, which was awesome by the way), but this really crosses the line. I would hope the creator of the page would come to some common sense and delete it as soon as possible, because it is offensive on multiple levels. I am all for free speech, and you are entitled to your opinion's on the school's artwork (bring back the mustang heads in the main gym), so it is all up to the creator of the page to take the initiative and delete it. Or an even better solution would be to come up with your own design for the wall and execute it like the girls did several years ago. If you come up with something better and carry it out (I'll let Mr. Faszholz judge it for objectivity's sake), then I will apologize for criticizing the creator because they obviously have an incredible eye for art. But we all know that won't happen, so just get rid of the group.

And to the people who joined, really? Why would you want your name attached to something like that? I've joined a lot of stupid groups and pages in my day, but I would not want to be attached to something making fun of a painting of Christ. Maybe that's just me. Maybe people weren't thinking when they joined the group; take a second and consider what the page is saying. Then leave. 

In the end, I realize this is just some weak and poorly planned attempt at humor by a bored teenager, but when you insult the talents of Julianne, Shawn, Tommie and Sarah as well as  Christ, it becomes an issue to me. This whole situation reeks of immaturity, yet I would have hoped people have enough judgement to not make themselves look so foolish creating and joining the group. Ahhhhh Facebook.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 6:23 

EDIT: I only used the watermarks to prevent the pictures I actually own  from turning up on the fan page itself.

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Thursday, February 18


In response to the decidely boring and passive Olympic poster at Vancouver, Steven Colbert introduced his version, done by Shepard Fairey, who also made the Obama posters and the OBEY posters. America.