Monday, November 30

Turkey Trot (in my dreams)

I didn't run the Turkey Trot, mostly because I do not have the skill to finish it. Over break I did very little. 
1. I made one Swimmers Itch video, but it is so bad, I don't think I will release it. Maybe if I get 100 followers on twitter I will throw it out there.
2. I didn't blog, but tried hard. Several ideas came up though (One year anniversary of OLHN is coming up...)
3. I read half or Dinesh D'Souza's "Letters to a Young Conservative." Really good book, all college students should check it out. 
4. Thanksgiving was good, and I have a lot to be thankful for (including dangling prepositions).
5. We are for sure getting a new cat in the spring.
6. Detroit sports teams are terrible. 
7. Star Trek was good; the rest of the family hated it.
8. The Great Hambino
9. It gets dark at 4:00 now.
10. I got a haircut. "You were starting to look like Rambo" is never good to hear concerning your hair.
11. The Big Ten has 11 teams.
12. GVSU Football will be on ESPN on Saturday at 3:30 PM. Take that, Michigan, Michigan State, Western, Eastern, Oakland, Macomb, Saginaw Valley, Hillsdale, and Stevenson High School. But not Central, they are decent.

Thursday, November 12

The Droid

New Verizon commecial. Apparently At&t is suing Verizon for this. Maybe they should just get service that works.

Tuesday, November 10


This week, I agreed to rent my roommate's refrigerator for the remainder of the semester for a small fee. This will prevent my food and drinks from being stolen by the other vultures that live in my apartment. I now have many cold foods and beverages in my room, safe from the moochers that haunt the large refrigerator downstairs in the early hours of the day. A recent video by Julian Smith emphasised a few of the problems that used to occur before I was independent of the ol' Frigidaire. Thanks Julian.

Monday, November 9

The D Up Sports Blog

I'm running a new blog purely about sports with a few other people from GVSU. Check it out here.
Be sure to subscribe to it so you can get updates on the content posted daily. If you are interested in posting for the blog, let me know, I would be glad to accommodate you.

Saturday, November 7


Here is what happens when two super-power youtube channels join to make an incredible movie.

Subscribe to SwimmersItch here-
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This Thanksgiving I will make a video, I promise.

Friday, November 6

Live from the Griffins game

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Thursday, November 5

GVSU is better than MSU, Ohio State and Central Michigan

At dodgeball that is. Scope my newest article for the GVSU Lanthorn here-

Also, look for a new blog to emerge out of Allendale. This time, I am planning to do a Detroit sports blog with a few other sport-smart fellows in the coming weeks.

Lastly, Facebook games keep getting stupider. It's bad enough that half of my friends are spending time buying tractors, flax seed and dairy cows online; now there is the option to divulge into a life on the dark side of the law. I want to play the online batman, but not really.