Saturday, October 24

Pulling an A-Flu

One year ago today, blogger Andrew P. Fluegge posted his last and apparently final blog post, in which he lazily copied and pasted a paper for one of his classes. You can read it here- Over the past year, Andrew often threatened friends and enemies alike with his full blog wrath. However, a year of time has proven these threats empty. If you want Andrew to return, send him a message. Personally, I do not think he has the motivation to live up to the hype he created over a year ago with the infamous homecoming court dance blog.  How long can this blogger hide behind the company line of, "I'm working on something right now!" The boy who cried wolf comes to mind. Within the past year, the phrase, "Pulling an A-Flu" has surfaced in writing circles, obviously referencing Andrew's lack of interest in his blog. I even heard the phrase at the Standale Meijer yesterday, "Wow, this self checkout is pulling an A-Flu today. It just won't turn on." Hopefully this blogger will live up to his countless promises made earlier last year. Or maybe he will go the way of a certain powerful politician and fail to live up to anyone's expectations. Only time will tell.