Saturday, October 24

Pulling an A-Flu

One year ago today, blogger Andrew P. Fluegge posted his last and apparently final blog post, in which he lazily copied and pasted a paper for one of his classes. You can read it here- Over the past year, Andrew often threatened friends and enemies alike with his full blog wrath. However, a year of time has proven these threats empty. If you want Andrew to return, send him a message. Personally, I do not think he has the motivation to live up to the hype he created over a year ago with the infamous homecoming court dance blog.  How long can this blogger hide behind the company line of, "I'm working on something right now!" The boy who cried wolf comes to mind. Within the past year, the phrase, "Pulling an A-Flu" has surfaced in writing circles, obviously referencing Andrew's lack of interest in his blog. I even heard the phrase at the Standale Meijer yesterday, "Wow, this self checkout is pulling an A-Flu today. It just won't turn on." Hopefully this blogger will live up to his countless promises made earlier last year. Or maybe he will go the way of a certain powerful politician and fail to live up to anyone's expectations. Only time will tell.

Wardrobe fail

So last week, the pastor's son at my church here said I look like Steve from Blues Clues. I have no idea why.

Tuesday, October 20

GVSU Volleyball Coach gets 400th win

Check out my latest article for the Lanthorn, about Coach Scanlon, and her 400th career win, all at Grand Valley. It's on newsstands and online here-

Coming up this week: A preview of the women's GLIAC tennis tournament. The team is pretty mad about losing to Ferris earlier in the year. After all, its Ferris.

Wednesday, October 14

Bus Riding Manners

I have a dilemma. Now that I am living in a apartment off campus, I take the bus to and from school every day. No big deal, I have managed to figure out what bus goes where, and which drivers to avoid. The major probelm I face is seating. On the bus, there are two seats next to each other, an aisle and then two seats on the other side. When returning from a late class, the bus is usually packed to the gills with people. I live at the end of the route, so by the time I am home, there are few people still riding. So when I start out, I usually end up sitting next to someone on a seat. The bus gradually empties, leaving full rows open. Do I remain in the seat next to the other person, or do I go for an empty seat? I feel awkward siting next to the person when seats are open, but at the same time, I don't want to offend them by leaving for the open seat. What is the correct protocol? If you have any suggestions, please respond. And if you have never ridden a bus, I recommend getting on one and experiencing what it is like to get smashed between two smelly people while trying to hold your balance as the bus careens over curbs, mailboxes and Chevy Aveos.

Monday, October 12


Miracle is one of my favorite movies, which makes this clip awesome.

Also, check out today's Lanthorn for my artile about the cross country teams at the Michigan Intercollegiate at Calvin College.

Sunday, October 4

New Article for the Lanthorn

Read my latest article for the GVSU school paper before it hits the newsstands Monday morning.

Coming Thursday: A look at the GVSU men's golf team as they play in the GLIAC Championship at Grey Walls in Marquette, MI.